Full papers

  • Paul Georg Wagner, Pascal Birnstill and Jürgen Beyerer. Challenges of Using Trusted Computing for Collaborative Data Processing
  • Jule Anna Ziegler, Michael Schmidt and Mikael Linden. Improving Identity and Authentication Assurance in Research & Education Federations
  • Umberto Morelli, Silvio Ranise, Damiano Sartori, Giada Sciarretta and Alessandro Tomasi. Audit-Based Access Control with a Distributed Ledger: Applications to Healthcare Organizations
  • Johannes Blömer and Nils Löken. Personal Cross-Platform Reputation
  • Fatih Balli, F. Betül Durak and Serge Vaudenay. BioID: a Privacy-Friendly Identity Document
  • Mina Sheikhalishahi, Fabio Martinelli, Zeki Erkin and Majid Nateghizad. On the Statistical Detection of Adversarial Instances over Encrypted Data
  • Karin Bernsmed, Martin Gilje Jaatun and Christian Frøystad. Is a Smarter Grid Also Riskier?
  • Joshua Guttman and John Ramsdell. Understanding Attestation: Analyzing Protocols that use Quotes
  • Mohammad G. Raeini and Mehrdad Nojoumian. Secure Trust Evaluation Using Multipath and Referral Chain Methods

Short papers

  • Stelvio Cimato, Valentina Ciriani, Ernesto Damiani and Maryam Ehsanpour. An OBDD-based Technique for the Efficient Synthesis of Garbled Circuits